Peer Review Complaints

The Greater Cleveland Dental Society Peer Review Committee reviews matters concerning quality of care and appropriateness of treatment. The committee acts upon a written request from a patient, another dentist, or an insurance carrier. Its responsibility is to explore matters referred to it within a period that makes its efforts effective and expeditious. This is a voluntary dispute resolution mechanism only. It is comprised of a mediation process, and if necessary, an arbitration process. It does not involve licensing issues.

The best step to resolve a dispute with your dentist is to make an appointment to talk to the dentist openly about your concerns. Remain calm, non-accusatory, and give your dentist time to consider the problem and to make a suggestion that is acceptable to both of you. If you are still unsatisfied, The Greater Cleveland Dental Society offers a "Peer Review" program designed to resolve conflicts between the dentist and patient. Conflicts must be of a clinical nature regarding appropriateness or quality of care.

This program DOES NOT review cases concerning administrative issues, such as personnel issues or billing problems.