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As a member, you have the ability to control and manage your health insurance benefits specific to your own needs. through the Ohio Dental Association Wellness Trust.

GCDSSC Staff Representatives: GCDSSC staff is licensed insurance agents and are knowledgeable of the options available. They are salary-based and do not earn a commission based on sales. We wish to thank you for your continued trust and loyalty in GCDSSC Key Solutions Member Benefit Programs.
SELF-INSURED: The ODAWT plan is defined as a self-insured plan that will allow participants to avoid some of the taxes, regulations and requirements of the Affordable Care Act. The plan began March 1, 2015. Typically, participants in a self-insured plan realize a 10 % savings compared to marketplace plans.

EMPLOYER PLAN: The ODAWT is an employer plan, which means offices that enroll in the plan will be required to offer insurance to all full-time employees (defined as those employees working 25-30 hours or more per week). Employees are allowed to decline the coverage by completing a waiver form. While no employer contribution is required, if an employer chooses to make a contribution it must be on a non-discrimination basis. Consult your CPA to design a structure that works best for your practice and adheres to all the rules.

The ODAWT has the same carrier (Medical Mutual of Ohio), the same networks of providers and hospitals, the same prescription coverage and same plans as the Society’s previous DCHCP health insurance program.

: To receive a FREE quote, dental offices must first download and return enrollment forms or call GCDS Headquarters at 440-717-1891 for more information.

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Other Individual Health Insurance Coverage
If your dental office has chosen not to participate in the ODA Wellness Trust, and you are shopping for alternative coverage, we are still here to assist you in reviewing quotes so you may choose a plan that best fits your needs.

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